What: Learning how to use the Merlin Bird ID App.

When: August 20th @ 8:00 AM at our store.            

Where:  At our store in Beaufort, SC.

NOTE:  We can only accommodate 15 guests and it will cost $5.

Workshop includes: Learning how to use this free and powerful bird identification resource.  We will learn the various methods of using this app to identify birds, and how to use the app to generally learn about birds.

Merlin is designed to be a birding coach for bird watchers at every level. Merlin asks you the same questions that an expert birder would ask to help solve a mystery bird sighting.

Video -APS Set-up in 2 Minutes

Instructional Video Create a Bird Feeding Station In 2 Minutes

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how-to -deckmount-feeder

Instructional Video Create a Feeding Station on Your Deck

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