Get ready for a fun-filled spring in your backyard!

Spring Is Here!

You made it through winter and as a reward, the next few months will bring some of nature’s most spectacular gifts. Spring migration brings a show with an ever-changing cast of characters passing through your yard, including hummingbirds, orioles and warblers.

Next comes nesting season, a time to watch for bird parents bringing their noisy fledglings to your feeders. And it's fun to watch the adults, busy in your backyard habitat, as they glean pollinating insects to feed their ever-impatient youngsters.

Help your birds spring into action: It's a busy time of year for your backyard birds. They're expending a lot of energy as they establish territories, attract mates and forage for food. During nesting season, birds are looking for foods that are high in calcium, an ingredient that helps promote stronger eggs and healthier bones for mother birds and their babies.
We offer a variety of foods with added calcium to give your birds a boost this time of year.

Visit Our Store Today or Shop On Line to Save on the Highest Quality Bird Products, Perfect For Your Yard! From Bird Food to Feeders to Bird Baths & Yard Ornaments & Everything In Between, WBU has what you need for this spring season. Knowledgeable Staff. Birds Love Us. No Mess Blends. Excellent Quality Seeds.

Introducing the WBU exclusive Bluebird Bugberry Blend®!

Bluebirds are a backyard favorite and this new blend (3 lbs) has been created specifically for eastern, western and mountain bluebirds. The small bite size ingredients are perfect for bluebirds. Loaded with bluebirds favorites: Bark Butter® Bits, dried mealworms, medium sunflower chips, diced peanuts, diced cranberries, raisins, calcium carbonate. Recyclable bag. Below are bullets from the back of the bag.

  • Bluebirds consume about four grams of food per day, or about 12% of their body weight. This is equivalent to a 200 pound human eating 24 pounds of food each day.
  • Great source of high-energy fat, protein and calcium
  • No waste, no mess
  • Perfect to offer year-round


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