We asked all or our team members to share their favorite💖 products with our customers-take a look!

Our Window Feeder Bundles are still available in honor of the Great Backyard Bird Count! Don't miss out on attracting your feathered friends for perfect viewing! Speaking of window feeders, did we mention that they are one of Erica's favorite feeders!!
Erica says,
"I love the Window Feeder and so do my birds! They come right up to it and sit so I can have a front row seat to watch and learn. It’s easy to put up, clean and for the smaller birds to visit. I’ve had it in my kitchen window for years now and it never disappoints!"
She's absolutely correct! Buy and get your Window Feeder Bundle today and get your birds used to visiting it for the GBBC that takes place in February!

Ruthie, store owner, says,
"I find it very hard for me to pick a favorite feeder, so one of my favorite feeders is the tray feeder. I love that it is very easy for the birds to enjoy, and I find that it is easy to clean. To give the birds some coverage, add the Topper. They love to sit under it and on it! They stay a little longer, giving you more time to watch and enjoy them. My favorite seed to put in it is No Mess DP with bugs and bits! 😊"
Look at this picture and imagine that tray filled with half a dozen songbirds because that is likely what you'll experience at most times of the day when you have this epic tray feeder set up in your yard! Made from recycled plastic, this tray feeder is built to LAST! Swing by the store and check it out!

Corinthian bells are Linnea's favorite product that we offer at the Beaufort Wild Birds Unlimited, as they bring people and nature together.
Wind chimes draw us out of our ruminating minds & into the present moment to enjoy the natural world around us.
They are the perfect complement to any bird feeding set-up, as they continually remind us to enjoy our birds now rather than later. Made in America & hand-tuned, Corinthian Bells are some of the finest wind chimes available to us in Beaufort!
Stop by today to hear their beautiful music! 🔔🔔

Hi everyone! Dave here. I want to tell you about my favorite product today.💖👇
The Eliminator is my favorite item in the WBU store.
I have had mine for 10 years now, and for me, it is the total answer to your squirrel and bully bird issues.
I really enjoy showing off its great features and the other products you can attach to it, like the weather dome. Having the weather dome will protect your seed, making it last longer and saving you money!
Stop by today to learn more about how the Eliminator can help you feed the birds in your yard!

Jennifer is holding her FAVORITE PRODUCT! 💖 Our Medium Green Quick Clean feeder with cage.
She said she started using the cage around the Medium Green Quick Clean feeder two years ago because she wanted to attract Painted Buntings.
She had been using a mealworm cup previously but hadn't had the success she was looking for. 🌈🐦
She took the cage, weather guard and tube feeder home on a Saturday night, filled the tube with millet, and hung it on her APS.
Sunday morning came; she fixed her coffee and walked out onto her screen porch. She couldn't believe that the Buntings were already in the cage on the tube feeder!😯
Stop by today to talk to Jennifer about the Buntings she shes in her yard and learn how our products can help you attract the birds you want to see!

We asked all of our team members to share their favorite products with our customers. 💗

First up is Lori!
Lori told us the cylinder feeder is her favorite product because it is very versatile and gives you LOTS of ways to feed the birds.
You can fill your cylinder feeder with seed or suet cylinders. We have a LOT Of options!
At the holidays, you can also put in one of our fun seed characters. 🎄🎅
There is a flexible tray that can be added to the feeder as well so that you can feed things like bark butter bits or meal worms.
If you are unsure what your birds might like, you can purchase different seed choices to give birds options with our “stackables."
Most seed cylinders last 1-2 weeks unless the birds get them first so they're great if you're planning to go out of town for the holidays!
Stop by today to ask Lori to tell you more about her favorite feeder!