Help Birds

Help Your Birds Deal With Their Own March Madness

March is here with all of its "madness."

But you don't have to watch any basketball games to see underdogs overcoming overwhelming odds. Just look to your backyard, and you'll find some real Cinderella stories happening.

Early in the month, birds' natural food supply is at its lowest point of the year. Insect populations are still low, and the few remaining wild fruits and berries are either hidden or undesirable.

Unpredictable weather doesn't make life any easier. Sunny, warm, spring-like days can quickly turn into cold, damp conditions that challenge birds' survival skills.

Because of these challenges, you have one of the best opportunities of the year to help your birds.

High-energy foods, such as peanuts and suet, are loaded with fat and protein, and they're wonderful substitutes for the insects many birds would eat if they could find them.

And speaking of insects, have you offered mealworms to your birds? Numerous birds eat protein-rich mealworms, which are lifesavers when temperatures begin to slide.

Please visit the store or call us to learn more about how to help your birds overcome the "madness" of March.